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How This Particular Machine Blasts Your Unwanted Fats Safely and Effectively

Let’s be real, there have been one too many times when we asked and thought to ourselves if there is fat reduction miracle cure somewhere out there, or if there is ever going to be one- one that is easy, quick, painless, safe and actually fix our body shape problems. With a large number of …

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Booty-ful Butt Fast The Body Firm Singapore

Booty-ful Butt In No Time

The smell of coconut oil, a dip in warm water, and a fruity poolside beverage…Summer holidays are definitely in full swing.
Whether it’s in that tiny bikini or that sexy summer dress, a J-Lo-esque booty is always a major plus. No ifs, ands, or butts about it!
Here are some easy tips to take your booty to the next level.

The Secret to a Perfect Beach Body The Body Firm Singapore

The Secret to a Perfect Beach Body

Summer’s here already, and it’s time to strut your stuff on the beach. If instead, by some chance, you’re beating yourself up as to why you didn’t exercise a little harder or go on a diet a little sooner so you’d have the perfect beach body by now, it’s ok. There’s always a way! So lean in and pay attention!

Shape Up Summer The Body Firm Singapore

Shape-Up for Summer

Swimwear season is here and it’s time to contemplate that very important question – are you beach body ready? If the answer’s yes, then super! If no, then it’s time to drop a few kilos, trim a few inches, bust some cellulite and work your way into a fabulous figure!

Summer Ready Body The Body Firm Singapore

Summer, Set, Glow: 5 Essential Skin Tips

There’s only one way you can enjoy the summer – unselfconsciously! You can’t savour the glorious sun, the surf and the sand completely if you’re wondering and worrying about those pimples on your back, your cellulite dimples, or angry razor burns. What’s awesome is that achieving smooth, attractive skin isn’t impossible; it just requires a little prep work. Slip into your string bikini with renewed confidence with these summer beauty tips.