The Body Firm | Can massages get rid of cellulite?

Can massages get rid of cellulite?

Many women all over the world struggle with cellulite (aka ‘orange peel skin). This common skin concern has been found to affect between 80% to 90% of women.

The occurrence of cellulite is due to:

  1. having excess fat in adipose (fat) cells
  2. a deficient microcirculation resulting in water infiltration in the tissue

While the cause of cellulite is still not completely understood, it is generally thought to be the result of fatty deposits accumulating in the connective tissue (collagen fibers) under the skin and growing with time. The tissue in women is arranged in vertical straight lines, while it’s more closely bound in a criss-cross pattern in men. Therefore, men’s connective tissue structure has more support resulting in less appearance of cellulite.

While exercising and eating healthy does reduce the fat content in the body, resulting in lesser cellulite formation, the collection of fat can still happen in certain places as we all still have some level of fat in our body. Therefore, anti-cellulite massages are considered as one of the best methods for combating cellulite (with exercising encouraged). 

Anti-cellulite massage is a specially designed massage modality to target cellulite and help reduce and/or eliminate cellulite in the affected area. Works by breaking down underlying fat, pinching and rolling techniques are adopted to break down fat and activate the body’s lymphatic circulation, eliminating toxins naturally.

Benefits of Anti-cellulite Massage

Increase blood circulation
Cellulite is the consequence of tight bands forming underneath the skin and fat collecting between them. Anti-cellulite massages will help to loosen the skin and move the fat around, reducing not only cellulite but other types of saggy skin, leaning your skin more tight and toned!

Removal of toxins
The improved circulation helps the body in getting rid of toxins naturally, allowing the body to be healthier and making the body do things like getting fitter or shedding excess fat. It also eliminates excess water from muscles, resulting in more elasticity in skin that forces the body into its natural shape and prevents the fibrous strands that cause cellulite to collect in visible areas. 

Muscles tightening
For those who don’t work out regularly, massages have shown to keep muscles tight and shapely, even encouraging growth! However, for those who work out very frequently, this may be challenging as the bulk of your muscles have been accustomed to being under resistance and hence, limiting the results.

Improved lymphatic drainage
Lymph is a fluid that transports oxygen and nutrition to our cells and eliminates toxins within the body. Draining the lymph fluid is essential for our body to function properly, and this relies heavily on our muscular movements to regulate internally. 

The Body Firm offers the Ultimate Cellulite Buster Combo, an integrated and customized treatment that can reduce the appearance of cellulite, re-establishing your skin’s tone and compactness*. The Ultimate Cellulite Buster combines powerful cellulite removal techniques for highly effective results. This involves a combination of squeezing and lifting alternatively — just like kneading dough! Fingers are used on delicate areas like upper arms, inner knees, and calves; while thighs, stomach, hips, and buttocks are done with the hand. 

Coupled with specialised silicone cupping therapy, the negative pressure drains excess fluids, toxins, and other chemical compounds (such as interstitial fluid to blood and lymphatic capillaries, especially lipids in cellulite) in the body. Notice visible transformations to your body over a period of continued therapy.  

A small study conducted in 2015 involving 40 healthy female participants showed that dry-moving cupping therapy applied 10 times on each thigh for 5 weeks effectively decreased the appearance of cellulite.

Try this treatment at $88 nett (30-min)!
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The Body Firm | Can massages get rid of cellulite?


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