Month: May 2016

The Secret to a Perfect Beach Body The Body Firm Singapore

The Secret to a Perfect Beach Body

Summer’s here already, and it’s time to strut your stuff on the beach. If instead, by some chance, you’re beating yourself up as to why you didn’t exercise a little harder or go on a diet a little sooner so you’d have the perfect beach body by now, it’s ok. There’s always a way! So lean in and pay attention!

Importance Regular Facials The Body Firm Singapore

Why You Should Be Getting Regular Facials

Facials come with so many benefits, that they must be included into your beauty routine. Just make sure you get a professional facial, because it’s an experience you really can’t recreate at home with your DIY peels and masks and scrubs. If you want some convincing reasons why you should get regular professional facials, read on!

Souping is the New Juicing The Body Firm Singapore

Souping – The New Juicing

Your mother had it right all along when she insisted that vegetables were good for you. But even she couldn’t have guessed that one day, these same humble veggies would be trending on the diet scene. Introducing souping, the new smart answer to detox, cleansing and weight loss!

Rules for Long Term Weight Loss The Body Firm Singapore

Top 10 Rules for Lasting Weight Loss

Hey, didn’t you just bid goodbye to those extra kilos a few weeks ago? Don’t say they’re back already – and with friends! Don’t worry, we’ll let you in on some rules for long term weight loss! So lean in and listen.

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