The Body Firm | How This Particular Machine Blasts Your Unwanted Fats Safely and Effectively

How This Particular Machine Blasts Your Unwanted Fats Safely and Effectively

Let’s be real, there have been one too many times when we asked and thought to ourselves if there is fat reduction miracle cure somewhere out there, or if there is ever going to be one- one that is easy, quick, painless, safe and actually fix our body shape problems.

With a large number of celebrities, both veterans and new, looking amazing despite their unhealthy lifestyle- all with sleepless nights at tapings, live shows, interviews, rehearsals, and what not, it is almost impossible to believe that they all just rely on healthy diet and exercise.

The truth is, sticking to a healthy eating habits and regular exercise will really do many great things to and for your body. However, we should not neglect how research, science and technology advancements have made such great work when it comes to slimming, body shaping, and fat reduction.

Various successful clinics not only in Singapore, but also all over the world have relied on machines to keep their business running. These machines have given the clients the option to shape their body the way they want and reduce fat without the pain, cost and downtime of a surgery.

For people who do not wish to go under the knife, opting for non-surgical, non-invasive treatments that uses cutting-edge machineries can do the trick! For one, Venus Swan, a machine that utilizes multi-polar technology, promotes skin tightening and thickening, liquefies fat and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

The Venus Swan machine penetrates fat cells through medical-grade radio frequency. It can be used for different parts of the body like the face, neck, arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

Venus Swan comes with an applicator that can transmit the radio frequency from the machine to the area of concern and can easily be maneuvered by the doctor/ specialist over a generous layer of ultrasound gel for 20-30 minutes per area, advisably done weekly for an average of 6-10 treatments.

The Venus Swan machine’s applicator consists of 8 bipolar electrodes that can create a unique uniform temperature on the skin to penetrate the fat inside.

The best part about this machine is it gives minimal to no pain. There is zero need for any kind of anesthesia. It allows the patient to immediately go back to his daily routine, and activities, as it does not require any recovery period. Swelling and redness on the area where the machine is used are the only common after effects.


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The Body Firm | How This Particular Machine Blasts Your Unwanted Fats Safely and Effectively


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