The Body Firm | 8 Ways To Achieve V-shape Face Without Surgery

8 Ways To Achieve V-shape Face Without Surgery

In Asian countries, the coveted heart-shaped or V-lined face is an icon of beauty. Having a small, oval-shaped face with defined, pointy V-line chin is considered as the most desirable beauty feature as it embodies femininity and delicateness. Besides, having a V-shaped face makes you look younger, giving you a youthful appearance. In South Korea, with it’s innovative makeup industry and flawless K-pop idols, it is not a surprise that a V-shaped face is almost a requirement for societal acceptance sought after by females and even males. 

There are many factors for achieving a natural and beautiful V-lined face. Some factors include the ratio of facial features, and the golden ratio between various facial features in a three-dimensional context.

Why don’t you have a slim face?
1) Natural bone structure
Some of us are born with bigger facial bones that might cause the facial structure to be bigger. But the good news is that having bigger bones is not necessarily the main reason for a big rounded face.

2) Fats on the face
Fats can be accumulated on our face too, contributing to chubby cheeks or even double chin. This is highly visible if your activity level or metabolism is low.

3) Water retention
Our face can look fat and bloated from poor blood circulation and weak lymphatic drainage. Excess water tends to accumulate on our face, body and even legs when our body finds it difficult to expel water out from the body system.

4) Sagging muscles
As we age, collagen and elastin in our face decrease drastically. Our skin will no longer be supple, firm or bouncy. Skin laxity and loose jowls tend to make our face look rounder too.

What can you do without doing invasive procedures?

The Body Firm | 8 Ways To Achieve V-shape Face Without Surgery

1. Lift your face

Use a facial massager or jade roller for an instant face lift! Such facial activities help to drain lymphatic fluid that has been built up on your face, making it less puffy and bloated.

Having a good facial massage also improves blood circulation and relaxes face muscles, resulting in a youthful complexion as it becomes brighter and more radiant.

Tip: Remember to only roll upwards and not up and down when you use a face roller/massager!

The Body Firm | 8 Ways To Achieve V-shape Face Without Surgery

2. Stop grinding your teeth

Notice that sore jaw when you wake up? Little did you know that you might be clenching or grinding your teeth unknowingly while sleeping! The medical term of this is bruxism, and it happens due to stress, anxiety or just a habit of yours. 

Such a habit will damage your teeth and jaw in the long-run, and cause tension headaches and muscle soreness. Another downside is that it causes your facial muscles to be bigger and overdeveloped, resulting in a squarish jaw. 

Try to relax and destress before bedtime by doing meditation, or lighting a scented candle. Alternatively, jaw botox is a good solution to relax the muscles around your jaw. 


The Body Firm | 8 Ways To Achieve V-shape Face Without Surgery

3. Contour & make up

Double up your favourite concealer for some contouring! Start applying the contour on your jawline (upward motion), giving the illusion of a slim v-shaped face. After blending the contour out, apply the concealer half an inch above your jawline to accentuate your face. 

Apply your blush on the highest point of your cheeks, towards the temple rather than in a circular motion. Matte bronzers can also be applied to the area below your cheekbones, starting from your ears and down to your jawline to elongate your face.

The Body Firm | 8 Ways To Achieve V-shape Face Without Surgery

4. Tone up

Ever experience that puffiness on your face after a night of indulgence? You’re not alone! And the trick is to spend a bit more time in the morning to improve your facial circulation and tightening of pores.

Tip: Dunk your clean face in a bowl of refrigerated toner in the morning! Cold temperature helps to shrink capillaries and stimulate lymph drainage while the toner reduces inflammation and puffiness. You will notice a slight de-puffing effect and smaller pore sizes!

5. Play with light

When you’re taking your selfies, it is important to experiment with light that helps to bring the centre of your face forward and reduces the width of your face.

A good tip is to also use a highlighter on the centre of your face, between brows, on your nose bridge, and in the centre of your chin to accentuate your features. 


The Body Firm | 8 Ways To Achieve V-shape Face Without Surgery

6. Sharpen your posture

Did you know that using your phone too much can cause permanent creases around your chin and neck, and it also causes sagging skin and drooping jowls. This phenomenon has been labelled as ‘tech neck’ and it is becoming an increasing concern for younger women as they experience sagging cheeks. Therefore, as the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’. Try to lessen your screen time with devices or make it a point to hold up your phone instead of looking down constantly.

The Body Firm | 8 Ways To Achieve V-shape Face Without Surgery

7. Facial exercises

To achieve a healthy, glowing and taut skin, exercise your face at least 6 times a week, about 20 minutes each time to work all three skin layers (hypodermis, dermis and epidermis). 

The Body Firm | 8 Ways To Achieve V-shape Face Without Surgery

8. Clean diet

As cliche as it sounds, you are what you eat and what we eat will end up showing on our faces. If you experience face bloating very frequently, the main culprit is probably water retention. Prepare your meals without processed food, and reduce salt and sugar from your diet. Consider drinking green tea and/or lemon water as such beverages help to expel toxins and release water weight from your body.

The Body Firm | 8 Ways To Achieve V-shape Face Without Surgery

8. Non-invasive beauty treatments

As with most non-invasive beauty treatments, maintenance is the key. Such treatments are ideal to contour the lower face for sustainable results. Try out our various facial methods that are specially designed for v-lifting at first-trial rates!

Instant V-shape Face Therapy
First-trial at $68 nett (60mins, U.P. $388)
Our Instant V-shape Face Therapy helps to achieve a tighter and more lifted complexion in just 60 minutes! Using proprietary RF technology, this therapy lifts, firm and achieves an immediate V-Shape jawline of your dreams. Perfect for those who are looking for a non-invasive and no downtime solution! 

Face Meridian Bojin Therapy/Meridian Tissue Manipulation (MTM) 
First-trial at $68 (60mins, U.P. $138)
A unique MTM facial therapy that blends the philosophy of meridians, acupuncture points and ‘chi’ with the modern knowledge of muscular fascia. This therapy uses gentle, rhythmic strokes to unblock facial knots while stimulating acupoints along the meridian channels using a specialised ox horn tool. This form of therapy solves common skin concerns like saggy skin, dark circles, puffy eyes, and eyebags. It helps to promote lymphatic drainage, increase ‘Qi’ energy flow, rejuvenate your skin with a healthy glow, and give you an instant facelift naturally.

Venus Face Rejuvenation
First-trial at $88 nett (U.P. $550)
The DiamondPolar applicator delivers Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to stimulate fibroblasts to increase collagen synthesis and create lipolysis through its thermal action. With no heat spikes, the constant and uniform heat delivers maximum efficacy in shorter treatment times, resulting in a dramatic improvement with no pain or downtime. Helps to firm up the skin and enhance one’s facial contours with immediate results. Most will notice a shaper looking jawline and the appearance of defined cheekbones (v-shape face).

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The Body Firm | 8 Ways To Achieve V-shape Face Without Surgery


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