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How to Slim Down Your Face

Did you know that ‘How to Slim Down Face’ is one of the most Googled questions? If you’re seeking some tips for this, you ain’t alone.

Though there’s no real way to target weight loss focusing on just one part of the body, the best way to lose weight in your face is to lose your overall body weight! We’ve rounded up some tips for you to follow:

1. Reducing Your Overall Body Fat

To achieve a slimmer looking face, losing overall weight definitely is one of the most contributing factors. Start small by making some subtle changes to your food intake, monitoring your diet, and even schedule in some weekly exercises or brisk walking.

When we gain weight, it’s usually the face that’s visible to others first. This is because fat is usually more visible in the cheeks, jowls, under the chin, and neck. Hence, if you want to achieve a slimmer face, then let’s get you started on an overall weight loss program (we are here to your rescue, book an appointment here)!

2. Make Water Your BFF

Remember the cliche phrase to drink 8 glasses of water a day? Yes and more yes-es. Your body might be retaining too much fluid, hence the chubby cheeks! Dehydration is one of the major causes as your body tends to store excess water when it feels that you are not drinking enough. Drinking water helps to reduce puffiness and bloating since having proper hydration decreases fluid retention.

3. Lose The Booze

Calories from alcohol add up quickly and it causes bloating, gas, fluid retention, and inflammation when mixed with sugary ingredients and carbonation. It also causes dehydration, which trains your body to hold on to more fluid during your boozy nights. All these lead to puffiness and a swollen face.

4. Don’t Be So Salty

Too much salt causes swelling and puffiness in your face and body. Skip the indulgence (chips and processed food) and try to cook fresh and delicious meals yourself as the easiest way to reduce your salt intake is to cut down on eating fewer processed foods. By cooking your own meals, you get to monitor your diet and the calories served per meal, which will greatly help you in achieving your overall weight loss goals.

5. Stop Being So Sweet

Reduce your intake of refined carbs (like sugar) by cutting back on the calories. Commonly found in pasta, white rice, bread, sugary drinks, most baked goods and packaged snacks. These offer little nutritional value and cause blood sugar spikes, which cause cravings and trigger your body to store fat.

Instead, switch these out for more nutritious food like whole grains, high fibre food such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes. Lean meats and dairy are also healthier substitutes compared to refined carbs.

6. Work Out Your Cheek-puffs

Our face holds typically 43 muscles. A study conducted in 2018 suggested that when an individual performs facial muscle exercises twice a day for a consecutive 8 weeks, a significant increase in muscle tone and improved facial rejuvenation was observed.

To slim your cheeks down and tone your cheek muscles, demonstrate a fish face by sucking in your cheeks. Repeat this 20 times each day to see visible results.

7. Bloating That Cause A Double Chin

A common sight when we age and our skin starts to loosen around our decolletage area. As many of our lymph nodes are located along our jawline, simply massage from your chin upward towards your ear, which will help to drain toxins and reduce fluid retention in this lymph-rich area.

8. Proper Facial Massages

When your face is being massaged, there will be an accelerated blood flow in general, which in turn increases the amount of oxygen, nutrients, and even, boosting collagen production.

Sometimes, you may choose to incorporate machine treatments in your facial regime to speed up the results:

RADIO FREQUENCY V-SHAPE (90 minutes @ $250)book now!

  • The perfect solution for saggy and loss of elasticity skin. This facial treatment uses the latest Radio Frequency technology that safely removes excess fat, tightens the skin, and improves facial appearance.

FILOGRA CRYOLIFT (90 minutes @ $388)book now!

  • Say yes to the ultimate anti-aging therapy using Filogra products and technology designed in France. Our signature cryolite facial employs a revolutionary cryoprobe to rapidly cool the skin surface to -18 degrees Celsius to restore firmness, tone, and radiance to fatigued skin.

VENUS SWAN FACIAL (30 minutes @ $550)book now!

  • Expect instant lifting and tightening with our signature Venus Swan facial. This technology uses a DiamondPolar applicator to deliver Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Mangetic Fields to stimulate fibroblasts to increase collagen synthesis and create lipolysis through its thermal action. With no heat spikes, the constant and uniform heat delivers maximum efficacy in shorter treatment times, resulting in a dramatic improvement with no pain or downtime.

9. Replenish Your Beauty Rest

Remember this: your body puff up when you’re deprived of sleep. Our body repairs itself while we’re asleep, which helps keep our endocrine system (the glands that influence every cell, organ, and to keep our body functioning healthily. Therefore, when your body is not getting enough winks, it’s not able to do as many behind-the-scenes repair works.

Furthermore, as we age, our body processes decelerate greatly which will affect our outlook, exchanging for a less-lustrous-looking face.

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The Body Firm | How to Slim Down Your Face


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