The Body Firm | Smoothies — Do they help or kill your diet?

Smoothies — Do they help or kill your diet?

Smoothie meal replacements might help some people lose weight while providing important nutrients that they might be missing from their regular diet. Others may find that drinking smoothies for weight loss comes as a rude awakening, causing them to gain weight and even increasing the probability of type 2 diabetes.

👍🏼 Protein slows digestion (feel fuller longer!)

Smoothies are a quick and easy way to get more protein and nutrients while also potentially aiding weight loss. Protein slows digestion, usually allowing you to feel fuller faster and for longer.

Tip: To induce satiety, make a smoothie with 20 to 30 grams of protein, milk, Greek yogurt, and/or protein powder.

👎🏼 Calorie consumption

Smoothies for weight loss are controversial among dieticians as it is recommended  to eat real food and consume calories rather than drinking themIn order to  lose weight, there must be a calorie deficit. It will help you lose weight if you drink a smoothie for a meal and consume less calories overall. However, if you consume a high-calorie smoothie that increases or sustains your calorie intake, you diet plan will backfire and you may end up gaining weight.

👍🏼 The golden healthy trifecta should be included in any smoothie

Focus on protein, fiber, and fat—the healthy eating trifecta—if you’re attempting to lose weight on purpose. Greek yogurt, milk, tofu, and protein powder are all good sources of protein. Fresh or frozen fruit provides fiber, while adding vegetables like spinach, kale, zucchini, or cauliflower adds volume and gut-friendly nutrients. Avocado, chia seeds, and almond butter are high in fat, which helps with energizing the metabolism and overall satisfaction.

👎🏼 Ready-made smoothies

You have complete control over the ingredients while making a smoothie at home. However, this is not the case with smoothie shops or convenience stores. Store-bought smoothies frequently have additional sugars in the form of ‘turbinado’.

👍🏼 Amp up the flavour with nut butter

It’s more satisfying to drink a smoothie with something crunchy in it as you will feel like it’s a real food. Keep an eye on ingredient portions if you’re trying to lose weight. All it takes is modifying the components and using fruit without added sugars or syrups, low-sugar yogurts and milk, and portioning out calorie-dense items like nuts and nut butter to make a balanced meal or snack that fits into your diet plan.

👍🏼 Good for breakfast skippers

Smoothies can be beneficial for weight loss depending on the ingredients used, the amount size consumed. This is especially good for “breakfast skippers” as you can blend up a fresh, nutritious smoothie within minutes at home whilst being aware of what you are consuming as it is home-blended.

Tip: Chia seeds and hemp seeds are simple additions to weight loss smoothies that satisfy the healthy fat, fiber, and protein requirements.

👎🏼 Blender blunder

When you eat four apples, you’re aware of how much you’ve consumed; however, when you drink four mixed apples, the liquid may blend down to a cup or less, and you may be unaware of how much you’ve consumed. Drinking does not provide the same level of satisfaction as eating real food, so you wind up eating more calories later in the day. And, if you’re adding sugar, syrup, too much fruit, or other add-ins to your smoothies, you can be unwittingly generating a calorie bomb.

👍🏼 Add fibre to your smoothies

Smoothies are a convenient way to acquire a variety of nutrients in one glass, including fruit, healthy fats from nut butter, protein, and fiber. The protein and fiber in the fruit and vegetables can help people feel satisfied for hours after they’ve consumed a smoothie.

With all that in mind, it’s a good idea to incorporate smoothie as a regular part of your daily routine as long as it is blended healthily. 

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The Body Firm | Smoothies — Do they help or kill your diet?


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