The Body Firm | <strong>How to avoid post-CNY weight gain?</strong>

How to avoid post-CNY weight gain?

Now that Chinese New Year (CNY) has started for a few days, you may be feeling guilty about overindulging in the festive foods. What have you been nibbling on, let’s make a guess:

  • Popping countless of pineapple tarts are safe choices;
  • Quite a few slices of bak kwa, unquestionably;
  • and some Mandarin oranges to counteract all that junk food with a good serving of fruit

That only applies to visits to friends’ and family members’ homes. Not to be forgotten was the lavish reunion meal, complete with a bounty of seafood for hotpot and pen cai.

To help you maintain your health while enjoying the holidays without munching like a herbivore, here are a few quick tips.

Tip 1: Avoid going there on an empty stomach

Be sure to eat proper meals. This advice on eating healthily will assist you in developing the self-control you need to resist temptation as it is common that you’ll eat a ton of high-calorie holiday delicacies if you binge on them when you’re starving.

Tip 2: More steamboat ingredients than carbs

If preventing weight gain is your objective, paying attention to ingredients rather than carbs is the way to go. Rather than focusing just on the rice or noodles and leaving little room for anything else, get a hearty fill of meat, vegetables, and shellfish. You might even consider omitting or at least half the rice completely.

Tip 3: Reduce calories with simple alternatives

Around 200 calories are found in a can of beer or soft drink. Instead of canned beverages or alcohol, consume water or Chinese tea. Drinking sweetened beverages makes it simple to consume hundreds of calories.

Eat dried fruit or mandarin oranges instead of sweets and cakes. In addition to having fewer calories, mandarin oranges are a fantastic source of potassium and vitamin C.

Instead of chips or crackers, use nuts for crisp, savoury nibbles. Protein and good fats found in nuts make you feel fuller.

Tip #4: Keep yourself entertained with games or chit chatting

If you’re occupied, you’ll likely resist the urge to eat the cashew cookies and pineapple tarts. Stay occupied by spending time with your relatives playing mahjong, playing poker, or having wholesome conversations rather than hiding out in a corner with your phone and your appetite. After all, the cuisine and family ties are the only things that matter during Chinese New Year!

Tip 5: Non-invasive Weight Loss Methods

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The Body Firm | <strong>How to avoid post-CNY weight gain?</strong>


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