The Body Firm | 10 Uncommon Weight Loss Tips That Works

10 Uncommon Weight Loss Tips That Works

Embarking on the whole weight loss process is a daunting and complex one, however, with the right strategies in place, it can help your weight loss efforts a much-needed assist along the way. 

We have rounded up some tips and mental tricks to help you tip the scales effortlessly in your favour, and achieve a healthy weight.

The Body Firm | 10 Uncommon Weight Loss Tips That Works

1. Keep It Cool

A study published by journal Diabetes observed that sleeping in a low-temperature setting may help in attacking belly fat while we are asleep. Our body makes an effort to keep us warm by burning calories and fat and the exposure to cold temperature helps trigger the body to burn stubborn fat into brown fat (fat that keeps us warm).  Spanned across weeks, participants slept in varying temperatures, and the group that slept in the lowest temperature had almost doubled their volume of brown fats. This means that their body worked hard to burn fats and calories into brown fats to keep themselves warm and in turn, lose belly fat!

The Body Firm | 10 Uncommon Weight Loss Tips That Works

2. Order A Cup Of Kopi-O (‘Coffee Black’)

A cup of black coffee has nearly zero calories compared to coffee with cream and sugar that consists of 80 calories. Drinking black coffee may help to lose weight and lower body fat. According to a recent study conducted, daily drinking of four cups of coffee can reduce body fat by about 4%. If you drink two cups of black coffee daily, it will save you 14 pounds in a year!

However, just remember not to add these into your coffee that will ruin your diet plan: 

  1. Artificial sweeteners
  2. Creamers
  3. Flavoured syrups
  4. Cane sugar
  5. Oil-based keto creamers
  6. Condensed milk
The Body Firm | 10 Uncommon Weight Loss Tips That Works

Full Fat Benefits

It’s been more common for people to choose whole-fat food than skim, fat-free or other modern monikers of leanness, according to a news report from Credit Suisse Research Institute. A reason for such occurrence is that fat, protein and fibre takes a longer time to digest, enabling you to feel full for longer hours. However, do opt for food that offers healthy fats like avocados to keep your diet balanced.

The Body Firm | 10 Uncommon Weight Loss Tips That Works

Eat More Red/Purple/Blue Fruits and Vegetables

Food like red cabbage, eggplant, berries, apples and etc, contain anthocyanins; antioxidant compounds that give these food their colour. These powerful antioxidant compounds help the body to fight free radicals, reduce inflammation, and most importantly, suppress the action of fat-storing genes in the body.

The Body Firm | 10 Uncommon Weight Loss Tips That Works

Drink Pu-Erh Tea

Pu-Erh tea helps to lower triglyceride concentrations in the body and belly fat. Triglycerides are dangerous fat found in blood, and high levels of such increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, including obesity and metabolic syndrome (eg: high blood pressure, high blood sugar and abnormal cholesterol levels).

The Body Firm | 10 Uncommon Weight Loss Tips That Works

Shop On A Full Stomach

Buying groceries on an empty stomach tends to lead to more unhealthy impulse purchases. It inhibits our ability to make smart choices about what we wish or should be eating. JAMA Internal Medicine published a study that individuals on short-term fats make more unhealthy food choices by picking a higher quantity of high-calorie food. Therefore, fill up before you shop to make healthier choices!

The Body Firm | 10 Uncommon Weight Loss Tips That Works

Casual Clothing

Donning on more casual attire has been shown to provide weight-loss benefits. A study by The American Council on Exercise showed that wearing less dressed-up clothing increases our physical activity levels. Researchers from University of Wisconsin also found that people who wear denim to work took 500 more steps than they did compare to the days they wore formal attire. Switch up your dapper suits and wear more jeans to lose extra belly fat!

The Body Firm | 10 Uncommon Weight Loss Tips That Works

Ditch The White Plates

Did you know that having a high colour contrast between your food and plate means you are all but guaranteed to eat less? Participants from The Journal of Consumer Research who ate off white-coloured plates ate 22% more food than those who ate using dark-coloured plates. This is because the portion may appear to be larger on a darker plate, standing out more than it does on a lighter plate. This psychological thinking helps your mind suppress the tendency to overeating.

The Body Firm | 10 Uncommon Weight Loss Tips That Works

Sniff These To Curb Your Appetite

Fun fact: smelling apples and bananas can curb appetite as it makes sugary desserts less appealing (studies). This is because such natural scents control your hunger pangs by tricking your brain into suppressing the hunger hormones (especially “ghrelin”). Such natural scents are able to stimulate the “satiety center” in the hypothalamus region of the brain, reducing impulse eating tendencies tricking your brain to believe that you have already eaten.

The Body Firm | 10 Uncommon Weight Loss Tips That Works

Water vs Fruit Juices

Replace fruit juices to zero-calorie options like water. Considerably healthier than sodas, fruit juices can in fact raise insulin levels quickly and without the fibre content, you will feel hungry quicker. When fruits are consumed in raw form, it contains fibre that keeps us full for long hours, cutting excess calories throughout the process.

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The Body Firm | 10 Uncommon Weight Loss Tips That Works


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