The Body Firm | How to lose weight after pregnancy?

How to lose weight after pregnancy?

[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]With doctors’ appointment, diaper changes and endless laundry, losing weight is the last thing on your mind. Mama we feel your post pregnancy woes. Follow our 4 natural ways to shed the belly fat and get back in shape.


Caring for your baby doesn’t mean having double portions

Carbohydrates are your worst enemy! Fill your stomach with food that is nutrient dense such as fruits and vegetables, wholegrain, chicken breast and fish. Eat a 1:1 ratio of wholegrain to veggies, at no more than 2200 calories per day. Keep to healthy cooking methods such as poaching, steaming and stir frying without the unnecessary added calories. A proper meal keeps your energy and sugar level in check to handle the demands of motherhood and prevent you from overeating. Steer away from fad diets and snack on low fat yoghurt and nuts to keep satiated and hunger pangs at bay.



A healthy, breastfeeding mom is able to shed 1 kilo per week.  But there’s a catch: If you are on a low calorie diet while breastfeeding, make sure your diet only start on the first 6 weeks after giving birth, and calories intake does not dip below the 1800 mark. This will not cause any lactation problem and mama will be able to keep an ample supply of milk. While breastfeeding burn up to 300-500 calories a day, it is not a legitimate diet plan! Your body still have to compensate for extra energy and nutrients loss. What you consume also affect the amount and nutrients in your milk. Each individual loses weight at a different pace so avoid any short cut solutions such as a fad diet and weight loss supplement! Ultimately, it is all about consistency and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.


Ease back into fitness routine

Get your workout gear and lace up your sneakers! Diet and low intensity exercises complement one another for sustained weight loss. Work on your core strength by incorporating the pelvic tilts exercise into your regimen. Lie on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Then, tighten your pelvic muscles and inhale while relaxing your buttocks and abdominals. Another way is a 30 minutes brisk walk to achieve that toned muscles. Get into the habit of exercising twice a day for maximum effect.


Get a shut eye

It seems like a challenge for most Mamas to get enough rest as you are always on the move. 5 hours of sleep or less can disrupt your hormones balance, metabolism rate, increases appetite and fat stores in your body. Being sleep deprived result in sugar cravings and additional empty calories, leaving you lethargic than usual. Household chores can wait but your health is priority. Make an effort to take short naps and have 8 hours of sleep daily.


Belly Wrap

We speak for most mamas here that pregnancy result in a bloated tummy filled with excess fluid and air. Wearing a postpartum belly wrap for 6 weeks can reduce the belly fat and flatten your post pregnancy stomach. Additionally, it aids in blood circulation, reduces swelling and improves body posture. Get a belly wrap of good quality and of the right size because an ill-fitting one can cause discomfort. PS: Belly wrap also ease any discomfort if you are recovering from a post C-section.


Sweeten up your crave once a month

An acai bowl makes the best dessert anytime of the day. Topped with moderate amount of granola, blueberries and bananas, this delectable treat is just right for summer, packed with the right amount of protein, fibre and omega-3 fats. Also, it regulates your bowel movement and excretes unwanted toxin in your body. Top it off with a glass of cold pressed juice to satisfy your sweet craves!


Now you have all the knowhow, it’s time to put these into actions. Setbacks and plateaus are bound to happen during your postpartum weight loss process so do not give up. Motivation is what get you started and daily habits will keep you going.  For each baby steps you take, you too can witness the visible transformations in your body.



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The Body Firm | How to lose weight after pregnancy?


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