The Body Firm | Popular Foods Behind Your Year-end Holiday Weight Gain

Popular Foods Behind Your Year-end Holiday Weight Gain

The end of year festivities saw not only friends and family reunite, but also the gathering of delicious food and refreshing drinks as well. These comfort eating sessions may be tasty, but it is easy to find yourself packing on pounds with certain food without mindful eating or balancing out the gluttony with proper workouts.

For that purpose, we have picked out the top popular food to help you be aware of your diet and maintain a healthy routine for the rest of the new year!

The Body Firm | Popular Foods Behind Your Year-end Holiday Weight Gain

1. Cookies

A favourite pastime for people to get together and bake! From the treats being passed around your office to the homemade snacks, cookies and sweets are a major source of weight gain during the year-end period. Most cookies are made with refined flour and sugar, easily causing a spike in your blood sugar, resulting in an increase in insulin which is a fat-storing hormone.

The Body Firm | Popular Foods Behind Your Year-end Holiday Weight Gain

2. Cream-based soups

With the weather being more rainy, there’s nothing like enjoying a warm bowl of soup on a cold day. However, if the soups are cream-based, they can be very detrimental to your waistline due to the high heavy cream content. 

Tip: opt for lighter, clear vegetable-based soups like tomato, vegetable, and/or bone broth soup to avoid unwanted weight gain.

The Body Firm | Popular Foods Behind Your Year-end Holiday Weight Gain

3. Baked pies

Pies are usually high-calorie food that’s low in fibre or protein which does not keep you full or satisfy your hunger for long. Meaning, you might find yourself going back for second portions or even third easily. If you choose to indulge, choose pies with minimal added sugar if necessary.

The Body Firm | Popular Foods Behind Your Year-end Holiday Weight Gain

4. Casseroles

From shepherd’s pie to baked mac and cheese, holiday casseroles are typically loaded with calories and fat, causing you to gain weight easily. Such comforting food are what people crave for during the year-end festivities, combined with lesser time for physical activity due to additional gatherings, it is not surprising that a few pounds are expected to be gained. 

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Losing all the festive weight does not seem like such a difficult task now, does it? Remember your self-determination with a little discipline, expect yourself to be back in shape in no time!

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The Body Firm | Popular Foods Behind Your Year-end Holiday Weight Gain


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