The Body Firm | Why A Skin Detox Is Necessary & This Facial Will Help You Do It

Why A Skin Detox Is Necessary & This Facial Will Help You Do It

Nobody likes to wake up with skin that is dull and weary. Chemical exposure, cosmetics, and pollution can clog pores and make your skin look lifeless in Singapore’s fast-paced lifestyle.

You must take care of your body in order to have healthy and glowing skin. If you think a “detox” is solely for your body, you’re mistaken. Detoxing your skin is critical for the recovery of your skin.

What Is A Skin Detox?

The skin is one of the largest organs in your body. It serves a variety of important roles in the body, including preventing excessive water loss and infection. It also aids in the regulation of body temperature, feeling, insulation, and production of Vitamin D.

Toxic substances build up inside your body and skin as a result of chemicals in water, grime, cosmetics, pollution, hormone issues, and a poor diet.

Causes of Dull Skin

  1. Stress – The redness you’re seeing on your skin is a result of stress. The effects of high stress level can be seen on your face. Slower cell turnover and higher sebum cause pimples, irritation, and redness.

  2. Congestion – Caused by the accumulation of makeup, hair follicles, dead cells, pollutants, and oil in the pores. This causes breakouts as well as dry and lackluster skin.

  3. Excess sugar – Sugar is one of the most significant factors to acne. Inflammation is caused by too much processed sugar in your diet.

  4. Lifestyle habits – Smoking, alcohol, not drinking enough water, and not getting enough sleep are all surefire ways to introduce toxins into your body.

Why Skin Detox Is Needed?

That being said, we all want clear skin. Using skincare products to congested pores is ineffective and can cause outbreaks.It’s not the product that’s causing the problem. In truth, the product and its nutrients are not absorbed by your skin. The substance lingers on the skin due to a lack of absorption. You’re essentially causing further clogging.

Some signs that you are in need of a skin detox:

  • A skin tone that’s patchy or uneven
  • Dull, sallow skin
  • Oily skin
  • Sensitive and or dry skin
  • Sagging and wrinkled skin

Try our Meridian Detox Bojin Face+Eye Therapy at first-trial at $68 nett (60 minutes, U.P. $138)!

A unique MTM facial therapy that blends the philosophy of meridians, acupuncture points and ‘chi’ (气) with the modern knowledge of muscular fascia. 

Bojin Therapy works in a similar manner to Gua Sha, but without the redness that Gua Sha leaves behind. This therapy uses gentle, rhythmic strokes to unblock facial knots while stimulating acupoints along the meridian channels using a specialised ox horn tool. This form of therapy solves common skin concerns like saggy skin, dark circles, puffy eyes, and eyebags. It helps to promote lymphatic drainage, increase ‘Qi’ energy flow, rejuvenate your skin with a healthy glow, and giving you an instant facelift naturally. 

While most facials focus just on the external appearance of your skin, Our Meridian Detox Bojin Face+Eye Therapy encourages the body to repair itself from the inside out, resulting in longer-lasting effects!

*First-trial promotion rates are applicable only for new clients. Call/WhatsApp your preferred outlet to make an appointment.

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The Body Firm | Why A Skin Detox Is Necessary & This Facial Will Help You Do It


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