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How To Slim Down Fast For An Event

With the year-end festivities looming and while we welcome Phase 3 where we can dine in a larger group (yay for the eighth friend!), it is perfectly normal to want to look and feel your best before a New Year’s Eve dinner date, social gathering or whatever your schedule calls for.

We are not really a huge fan of crash diets but we have a few remedies to swing your confidence back into gear. These tips are super great to de-bloat, de-puff and tone up before your big event.

1. Be A Salt Bae

Take an Epsom salt bath (2 cups) the night before for a good 20 minutes soak and wash it off in cold water.

Through a process called reverse osmosis and perspiring, our body tends to expel water that is stored beneath the surface layer of our skin. With the help of Epson salt, it effectively drains excess water and toxins contained in your body. Another benefit of this soak is that Epsom salt has healing properties like soothing sore muscles.

Use a body brush to enhance the health benefits of the salt as dry brushing helps to open your pores and stimulate the skin for better absorption.

If you don’t have the luxury of a bath, try an Epsom salt foot bath plus a soak! Place a bucket filled with water and add in an appropriate amount of salt. Enjoy the soak for 20 minutes!

Do remember to hydrate yourself properly prior to your salt bath to avoid any detox symptoms.

2. Cool As A Cucumber

On the topic of detoxing and de-puffing, cucumber can prove to be quite beneficial in your diet. Rich in antioxidant guercetin and high in potassium, it helps to moderate the ill-effects of sodium that’s known to cause bloating/swelling as it eliminates extra sodium through urine.

By incorporating this mighty ingredient into your diet, you reap a variety of health benefits that includes weight loss, lowering blood pressure, improving bone health and skin health.

3. Eliminate Process Food

That means no quick, microwavable meals! Processed food is filled with chemicals, from preservatives to the packaging and can harm our body every time we sought after these easy decisions.

Take some time out, prep and have your meals at home focusing on their whole forms, instead of going out to eat. If you are working irregular hours and have no other alternatives, try to look for packaged food with five ingredients or less.

4. Only Fish & Certain Veggies

Avoid eating bread, dairy, alcohol and any other starchy food prior to your big night. Instead, replace it with fish and vegetables over dinner to keep you filled.

However, stay away from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and corn, as these contain raffinose; a sugar compound that remains undigested until the bacteria in your gut ferment it, which builds gas and makes you bloat.

5. Do Shots

…of high quality, natural detoxifying elixirs. Mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, a dash of lemon juice, cinnamon and cayenne as your sweet poison shot. This recipe combines the best ingredients for detoxification.

  • Apple cider vinegar: Improves metabolism and digestive function. It also helps to cleanse our liver and lymphatic system.
  • Lemon juice: Helps to regulate body’s pH levels due to it’s alkaline effect. Rich in Vitamin C, it boosts your body’s immunity system, energy and keeps skin glowing.
  • Cinnamon & cayenne: Contain therapeutic properties that reduce inflammation, aid digestion and give your metabolism a boost.

    *Tip: Add raw honey to sweeten things up but still be healthy due to it being a nutrient-dense natural sweetener.

6. Try Scientifically-proven Body Treatments:

  • Venus Body Fat/Cellulite Reduction treatment that promises immediate resultsFirst-trial* at $88 nett (U.P. $500)!
    Promises immediate results in just one session. Uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields that heat up and shrink fat cells hidden deep below skin’s surface, while accelerating collagen production, reducing body circumference that results in a firmer and slimmer-looking body.
  • Many also compared this treatment to a hot-stone massage with a soothing & therapeutic heat that stimulates the body’s natural healing response that causes the skin to contract = tighter skin, softening of wrinkles, and reduced cellulite.

Non-invasive fat burning treatments that use thermal manipulation techniques that get rid of stubborn fat molecules and improve one’s body contour can be a great solution in losing those extra pockets of fat.

Signature Fat Burning treatmentsFirst-trial* at $68 nett (Choose any two, U.P. $598)! Ideal in treating: belly fat, cellulite and saggy skin include:

  • TBF Toning Treatment – #1 Choice for Toning And Shaping
  • Radio Frequency – #1 Choice for Skin-Tightening
  • I-LIPO – #1 Choice for Fat Burning

*First-trial promotion rates applicable only for new clients.

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The Body Firm | How To Slim Down Fast For An Event


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