The Body Firm | Reasons Your Body Shape Change As You Age and What You Can Do About It

Reasons Your Body Shape Change As You Age and What You Can Do About It

Do you ever notice how your once gorgeous 24-waist line has now been padded out by a few extra inches, or your thighs that used to look great in tight jeans now look better in baggier pants?

Nope unfortunately, it’s not your imagination, it’s real it’s happening and especially if your over the age of 40 it’s not going to change without some extra effort.

Our bodies do go through some dramatic changes as we age — every part of you from your nails skin hair and bones are constantly changing, as a younger women you’re figure may have been petit or even curvy, but time and gravity takes its toll on all of us.

There are many reasons why fat distribution through your whole body changes especially for a woman in her 40’s as this is usually the time in her life when she enters the transitional stages of menopause. Estrogen levels start to drop. It’s not uncommon for this to result in various levels of weight gain, noticeable increases at the hip, thigh and abdomen areas.

Other contributing factors to weight gain in a woman’s life can also be post natal or poor lifestyle choices. Studies have shown that our metabolic rate decreases approximately 1-2 percent every 10 years after the age of 25. The percentage may not sound a lot but if you factor in that you’re unhealthy lifestyle choices with this, weight gain is inevitable.

Everybody’s metabolism is different, some faster, and some slower.  Staying fit with an active lifestyle and regular exercise can help maintain a faster metabolism as you age.

Loss of height is also a common symptom of aging. It is another unfortunate reality for both sexes. Height loss usually peaks around the age of 40 as well as risk from bone diseases like osteoporosis and osteopenia especially if your calcium intake is inadequate.

Genetics is also a reason for how your body shape changes over time. Take a moment to look at your parents, grandparents and other elderly family members. It is extremely likely that we will inherit some aspects of their body shapes. However, it doesn’t mean all of us are going to look and age exactly like our parents but you will more or less see some similarities.

Body fat distribution and body shape changes are an inevitable part of life. These are just some of the major changes everybody goes through. No matter how bad it gets for you, always remember that there things you can do to prevent or at least slow down it down.

Here are four proactive easy ways you can address the aging process.

  1. A healthy diet is a must. Remember you are what you eat, your food is the building blocks from which your body uses to repair its self, “healthy choices healthy you “.
  2. Exercise and staying fit is a must. Move your body! This is how the lymphatic system drains toxins from the body, so get on your butt and do something.
  3. Lifestyle choices! It’s always a good idea to abstain from unhealthy substances such as tobacco and alcohol.
  4.  Body-contouring treatments are always a great tool for helping improve and maintain a fantastic physique! In this modern world where women are more interested in health, beauty and wellness than ever before, women are taking advantage of what modern technology has to offer that can help and assist them obtain their desired results. One of these methods is body contouring, a tried and proven method. They are designed to help destroy and melt fat cells by specifically targeting your problem areas.

If you practice all four points mentioned above on a daily basis, you’re sure to see and enjoy great results! This way, you can not only a healthy body, but also a healthier happy mind.


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The Body Firm | Reasons Your Body Shape Change As You Age and What You Can Do About It


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