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Make Your Workout Work Out

Do you suck in your stomach when you pose for a picture or swivel in front of the mirror? Do you sigh when that dress from last year sits too tight now, or get frustrated when your weighing scales don’t read a flattering number? If you’ve nodded yes to these, then you might be among a zillion others that are seeking deliverance from those offending extra inches and pounds – or secretly hoping for a miracle.

The thing is, it takes so much longer to burn off a chocolate donut than it takes to eat one. So, you can’t count on an instant fix. You need to slowly but surely Burn the Fat Keep the Muscle that got a little attached to you.

The Body Firm delights in setting you on the right track to achieve the ‘you of your dreams’, and helping you attain the body you desire, but this will work out the way you want, only if you work out too – committedly and consistently!

Think long-term

The key lies in committing for the long-term. If you begin an exercise programme convinced that you’ll see dramatic changes in just a few short weeks, then you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. While those short-term benefits keep rolling in, in the form of sound sleep, increased strength and energy and an elevated mood, it’s only after a few months that you’ll actually begin to feel and observe significant changes in your physique. So, think long-term.

Create a habit

The body you desire is only a habit away. Cultivate that habit, squeeze it into your routine and observe the change! Any new habit takes around 3 weeks to establish, and that’s the time you really need to stay committed to eating well and exercising, because it’ll take another 3 weeks at least to look better and feel better. If you get frustrated in the interim because you can’t see the results of the exercise, then hold on just a little bit longer. Rome wasn’t built in a day; neither was a fit and svelte body!

Make a schedule

There’s no ‘good time’ for exercise. Any time you choose is a good time and don’t let anyone tell you differently! Experts claim that the morning is best – or perhaps the evening, but there’s nothing to support that theory. What’s important is that you pick a time that is suitable to you and fits into your lifestyle, and schedule that for your workout. What’s important is that you stick to it religiously and make your workout a habit. It is consistency that changes your body, not the time of the day. Of course, if you miss a workout for any reason, get back on track the very next day, or you might suddenly find that 3 weeks have gone by!

Start small

Long-term consistency depends on building momentum. Once you start the ball rolling, it’s easier to keep moving and then to pick up speed. But you need to begin with something that’s easy to manage, and then build-up from there. In your eagerness to see those inches reduce or those pounds drop, you might be tempted to jump in with a rigorous, 6-day a week workout. But that’s the fastest way to fatigue and burnout, or worse, injury. That’s why, begin with baby steps, and train to build capacity for exercise before you start testing and pushing your limits. Then, when you’re comfortable and motivated to take on more, go for it! So first, build volume, and you’ll be able to handle intense workouts better.

Step up slowly

Do you do the same exercises, lift the same weights every week and then wonder why you can’t see any changes in your stamina or physique? Here’s an example to help you understand why.

You’re in a quiet room and someone turns on the air conditioner. At first, the noise annoys you, but after a few minutes, it becomes part of the background noise and you think nothing more of it. This noise appears normal, because you have adapted to the sound.

In the same way, when you start exercising – akin to the air conditioner being turned on, your body registers the change and gets stronger and leaner. But after a few workouts, it adapts to the exercise and considers this the new normal, and stops changing. So now, if you want to see more results, you have to literally surprise your body again with a change in your workout. Increase the weights you lift, add an extra set of exercises, or reduce the time interval between sets. All these force your body to slowly but surely get better.

Stay motivated

This one’s easy. As long as you really want that body you’re dreaming of, staying motivated is no problem. Of course, there may be times when you don’t feel like exercising, or are craving for that cupcake, but don’t take that to mean you’re losing motivation. It’s just a passing temptation that you probably should to give in to, every now and then! And after that, you need to get back on track with your routine and your diet. Just don’t quit!

There’s every reason to believe that you can have the body that you want. And after sticking to a habitual workout and a healthful diet, you’ll know that you don’t need a miracle to look like the ‘you of your dreams’. Just consistency and commitment to an enjoyable workout!


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The Body Firm | Make Your Workout Work Out


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