Is it possible to boost your metabolism for weight loss?

Your buddy appears to consume everything in sight yet remains slender. You, on the other hand, track calories religiously but still can’t lose those extra ten pounds. What’s going on?

With an average of 210 monthly Google searches, it appears that quite a few of us are looking for an answer to this topic.

What is metabolism, exactly?

Metabolism refers to all of the chemical activities that occur continuously inside the body to keep us alive and our organs functioning regularly, including breathing, cell repair, and food digestion.

Our bodies require energy to carry out all of these metabolic processes, and our basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the quantity of calories our bodies consume simply to keep us alive.

Is it possible to boost your metabolism?

The quick answer is: Yes. Rather than stressing on how to increase your metabolism, you should work on shifting your “weight set point”. Consider the weight set point to be a thermostat for your body. Your body wants to maintain your weight at whatever number it’s set to, even if it’s greater than it should be.

How can you naturally boost your metabolism?

1. Take your meals regularly

Balance and regularity are essential to the human body. Eating at regular intervals may aid with metabolic equilibrium. If a person eats a lot of food and then fasts for long periods of time, the body may burn calories more slowly and retain more fat cells. This impulse can be reduced by eating at regular intervals.

2. Consuming sufficient calories

Some people try to lose weight by skipping meals. This, however, can have a deleterious impact on metabolism. Eating unsatisfying meals can have the same impact. When a person consumes too few calories, their metabolism slows down to conserve energy.

According to Healthhub SG, the average Singaporean man requires roughly 2,200kcal per day to maintain his weight, while women require approximately 1,800kcal per day.

3. Drink green tea

While studies have not clearly established it, some study suggests that it feeds your body with epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a metabolism-boosting substance.

4. Strengthen your muscles using resistance training workouts

Strength training promotes muscle growth, which may boost metabolism. Muscle mass has a greater metabolic rate than fat, which implies it takes more energy to maintain muscle mass. As people become older, their bodies naturally lose muscle mass. Resistance exercise on a regular basis can assist to prevent this effect. Lifting weights and practicing exercises that leverage the body’s weight or resistance bands to build muscle are examples of resistance training.

5. Consume micronutrients

Although a balanced metabolism leads to a healthy body, metabolic syndrome can lead to diabetes and heart disease. Exercise and a healthy diet should, of course, be followed. A healthy metabolism can be supported by certain vitamins and minerals. Fat-soluble micronutrients, such as Vitamins A and E, have been proven to be important in preventing metabolic syndrome in studies. Vitamin D may also have a role in metabolic syndrome prevention.

6. Sleeping well

Cortisol levels rise when you don’t get enough sleep, signaling your body to conserve energy so you can get through the day. Lack of sleep can make a person feel hungry during the day and less content while eating, leading to sweet food cravings. Getting adequate sleep can help keep these hormones in check, which will keep you from overeating.

7. Stand up

Long durations of sitting result in less calories expended, thus standing up is essential for people working to improve their metabolism. Breaking up long periods of sitting, according to study, might help reduce health risk factors and may even improve metabolism. 

On work days, it’s easier said than done, but getting a standing desk or taking brief breaks throughout the day to stand up and walk around can help.

8. Consistency is the key

Avoid crash diets because they might cause your metabolism (and weight) to fluctuate. Instead, implement simple lifestyle adjustments like getting more sleep and adopting an easy-to-maintain workout and diet. While it may appear to be a good idea to lose weight rapidly by following strict diets, this can cause your body to lose muscle and make you feel tired.

A person’s metabolism can be boosted by making healthy dietary and lifestyle adjustments. Consider non-invasive fat-burning treatments that use thermal manipulation techniques for successful and long-term outcomes if you want to lose weight in the long run.

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