The Body Firm | How An Extra Hour of Sleep to Your Sleep Schedule Can Help You Lose Weight

How An Extra Hour of Sleep to Your Sleep Schedule Can Help You Lose Weight

Did you know that among overweight individuals, getting more sleep can help them lose weight without changing their diet throughout the day?

According to a recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine on 7 February 2022, obtaining more sleep each night may aid weight reduction. The study adds to the growing body of data showing a good night’s sleep is essential for general health and happiness.

Participants in the current research were not asked to limit their calorie intake, and they had no idea that it was being assessed for the experiment because it was done through analysis of urine samples that they assumed were being gathered for other purposes. According to the study’s authors, this amounts to a weight reduction of roughly nine pounds over the course of a year.

“For many years, sleep just wasn’t considered part of the ‘equation,’ says James Rowley, MD, a professor of critical care and sleep medicine at Wayne State University in Detroit. He emphasizes that there is a growing realization that sleep is a key component of cardiovascular health, metabolic health, exercise, and food.

Lower Calorie Consumption Is Connected To Better Sleep

Researchers gathered 80 obese people between the ages of 21 and 40 who slept less than 6.5 hours each night on a regular basis. Participants were given a one-on-one sleep hygiene consultation. They slept in their own beds and used wearable sensors to track their sleep. They didn’t have to adjust their food or exercise regimens, and they were not counseled to do so. Researchers recommended that participants increase their sleep by 1 hour and 12 minutes every night, for a total of 8.5 hours in bed.

Seventy percent of individuals who got sleep therapy worked full-time or part-time, and improving their sleep patterns meant coming to bed earlier each night for the majority of them. Another important aspect that helped individuals in this group achieve that extra hour of sleep each night was putting away phones, computers, and other electronic devices before bedtime.

Those who got more sleep lowered their calorie consumption by 270 kcals per day on average, compared to the control group. According to studies, this amount might result in a 26-pound weight loss over the course of three years.

What Effect Does Sleep Have On Weight?

Other data shows that sleep deprivation raises levels of ghrelin, sometimes known as the “hunger hormone,” which increases food consumption, and that lack of sleep reduces levels of leptin, a hunger-suppressing hormone.

When the body doesn’t get the signals it expects during its normal sleep-wake cycle, it may try to compensate by eating high-calorie meals. In addition, sleep has an influence on circadian rhythm elements and when individuals eat. Sleep deprivation has major health repercussions and can lead to the development of a variety of diseases, including obesity.

Studies have identified a clear relationship between insufficient sleep and obesity, with one finding that persons who slept fewer than 6 hours per night were more likely to be obese than those who slept more than 7 hours per night.

This current study, along with earlier studies, supports the idea that getting enough sleep should be part of any weight-loss or weight-maintenance approach.

At The Body Firm, we tailor our weight loss/management programs to meet the specific goals of each client. Our experts will also give personalized guidance on how to maintain excellent sleep hygiene and what modifications they may do to increase their sleep duration in order to achieve weight loss success.

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The Body Firm | How An Extra Hour of Sleep to Your Sleep Schedule Can Help You Lose Weight


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