The Body Firm | Eating an Early Dinner Can Help You Burn Fat

Eating an Early Dinner Can Help You Burn Fat

There is something comforting about indulging into food after a demanding and long day. However, experts advise making dinner the day’s lightest meal. Due to our busy schedules, we often eat lighter breakfasts and overindulge at dinner—the opposite of what is advised. Most of us are susceptible to a number of health problems as a result of this unhealthy lifestyle, including obesity, heart disease risk, and blood sugar.

Finishing your meal (without snacking!) at least 2 to 3 hours prior to night is one of the simplest strategies to maintain a healthy weight and blood sugar level. No matter how many calories are in the food, eating dinner too late results in elevated blood sugar and weight gain.

How Meal Timings Affects The Body

It is advised that dinner should be consumed no later than 7 o’clock. Eating a light, early meal helps you sleep better, improves digestion, increases metabolism, lowers blood pressure, and keeps you healthy.

Eating earlier in the day may be healthier for you when it comes to weight control, according to researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. They discovered that participants who ate later in the day felt more hungry all day long and had lower serum levels of leptin, a hormone that aids in controlling body fat.

Additionally, they exhibited lower core body temperatures and reduced calorie expenditure. The researchers found that late feeding alters adipose tissue’s gene expression in favour of higher fat storage. When these changes take place, it could make people more likely to develop obesity.

Benefits of an Early Dinner

Weight Loss
The first and most successful stage in the weight loss process is to have a light dinner early in the evening. When dinner is eaten earlier than usual, the body instinctively produces energy from stored body fat rather than from the glucose in the food that is now being ingested, creating a similar effect to intermittent fasting.

Better Sleep
Having dinner early gives you at least 2-3 hours before going to bed. Due to this pause, the majority of the digestive process has already taken place, and the digestive system is not active when the body is at rest. Additionally, the body uses less energy to digest food and receives enough rest. Eating late at night frequently results in indigestion, which keeps you awake. You will thus wake up more frequently and experience restless sleep.

Reduced Risks of Heart Attacks
According to studies, our blood pressure decreases by around 10% while we sleep, allowing the body to rest and heal. The blood pressure starts to increase as soon as we awaken. A late dinner has a negative impact on blood pressure. Heart attacks are more likely as long as the blood pressure is elevated. The risk of a heart attack is greatly decreased by eating dinner two to three hours before going to bed.

Reduced Risks of Diabetes
Type-II diabetes risk is increased by eating a late meal. When the body is unable to properly and effectively utilise insulin, type-II diabetes develops. The body can properly use insulin if dinner is eaten two to three hours before bed. It is substantially less likely to develop type-II diabetes if insulin levels are kept in check.

Relief from Acid Reflux
Heartburn is a common side effect of eating late dinners, which raises your chance of developing digestive disorders. Gas and a lot of bloating frequently induce a burning sensation in the chest. According to experts, those who eat their dinner earlier might experience less acid reflux and heartburn.

A hassle from time to time, it can be challenging to have an early dinner because of work or other obligations. To maintain an adequate window between dinner and bedtime, efforts must be taken to eat as early as possible. Additionally, the meal must be light, consisting of fruits, vegetables, lentils, and soups rather than being laden with extra sugar, deep-fried foods, thick curries, and spices. Additionally, after dinner, brisk exercise is said to hasten the digestive process.

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The Body Firm | Eating an Early Dinner Can Help You Burn Fat


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