The Body Firm | 8 Surprising Habits That Will Slim You Down

8 Surprising Habits That Will Slim You Down

Weight loss is tough, and it is tougher when we are all cooped up in our homes and stress eating our way through the Circuit Breaker/WFH period. So who wouldn’t welcome some simple ways to maximise calorie burn and losing weight?

We round up eight easy daily habits that may not be commonly associated with weight-loss but are actually key parts of long-term health and losing weight effortlessly. Read on as these habits can help you attain your goals faster.

1. Move, move, move!

A research revealed that naturally lean people (those who can eat whatever they want and never gain weight) tend to find ways to fidget and move automatically, or even subconsciously to make up the extra calories they may be ingesting.

For many of us who are not natural-born movers, make choices consciously that will boost your metabolism without needing to break a sweat. Such as: wash dishes by hand, drop a few bus stops earlier and walk to your destination instead, stand and pace around when you’re on the phone!

2. Snack smartly

Everyone’s favourite pastime — snacking is where people get off track of their weight-loss goals frequently. Incorporate at least three satiety-inducing fat releasing nutrients such as fibre, vitamin C, dairy or calcium. Surround yourself with nutrient-dense and low-calorie snacks like almonds, coconut chips, greek yoghurt, or even hard-boiled eggs!

3. Don’t be too much of a cardio junkie

Cardio is great; however, strength training should be incorporated into your exercise regime too. Take advantage of nocturnal weight-loss when you do strength training as this form of exercise burns calories even after the session is over!

Did you know that routine cardio exercises like treadmill or jogging may contribute to weight gain as it demands more energy output? Your body strives to stay in balance, and cardio exercises may actually trigger additional eating from the depletion of glycogen stored in the liver and muscle to convert it to glucose for fuel. 

Surprising your body with aerobic interval training or strength training pushes past the weight-loss plateau. Think: short bursts of high-intensity workouts or push-ups, squats or burpees. Research from the Department of Kinesiology at Southern Illinois University observed that working three 11-minute intense strength-training sessions weekly can accelerate fat burn while you are resting, and an increase in energy output throughout the day. 

4. Laugh more

As cliche as it sounds: Laughter is the best medicine. Did you know that laughing actually CAN burn calories?

Laughing intensely can give you a bite-size cardio workout. An hour of it is equivalent to a half hour gym session! To put into perspective: an hour of laughter burns up to 120 calories, which is the same as;

  • 18 – 27 minutes of weight training
  • 15 – 20 minutes of walking
  • 40 minutes of vacuuming

(One novel study was commissioned by the comedy channel GO LD (Go On Laugh Daily) in Great Britain. Researchers, led by Helen Pilcher, PhD, formerly of London’s Institute of Psychiatry)

5. Get your beauty sleep

When you sleep too much or too little, it greatly affects your health and also, your waistline! Sleep deprivation interferes with your ‘hunger hormones’ — leptin and ghrelin that regulate appetite, making you feel hungry easily and indulge in poorer eating habits.

Research shows that dieters who get sufficient rest (at least 8 hours of sleep daily) lose 56% more body fat than those following the same diet but with 5.5 hours of sleep. Therefore, try getting at least 7 to 8 sleep hours and feel more energised with lesser cravings!

6. Detox healthily

Multiple studies have shown that organochlorine compounds (commonly found in plastics, herbicides, and pesticides) have adverse effects on our body’s ability to oxidise fat. Such compounds make them resistant to metabolising and are readily stored in fatty tissue. Therefore, opt for organic options and avoid toxins whenever you can!

7. Eat a small dinner

Following the old saying: Eat your breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord and dinner like a pauper. Having a big dinner portion too close to bedtime takes up your body’s energy for digestion instead of detoxing and recharging. Have a big breakfast to start your day and focus on smaller dinners to help your body digest and reserve snacks for mornings and afternoons.

8. No electronic devices during bedtime

Studies have shown exposure to blue light in the night disrupts melatonin production which promotes restful sleep. Furthermore, researchers at Northwestern University reported that blue light exposure at night increases hunger and insulin resistance, resulting in weight gain and not just disruption to your body’s fat-burning ability.

Switching up and changing some habits can help support overall health. Try integrating these habits and see how they benefit your weight-loss goals and health overall. Plus, with our first-trial promotions, we got you covered in achieving weight-loss goals.

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The Body Firm | 8 Surprising Habits That Will Slim You Down


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