The Body Firm | 8 Delicious Foods That Are Really Healthy For Your Skin And Body

8 Delicious Foods That Are Really Healthy For Your Skin And Body

When many of us think about healthy eating, we get turned off just by the thought of it. To many of us, healthy equates to tasteless and bland food. But this is so far from the truth. In fact, healthy foods can be just as delicious as those “unhealthy” junk foods. Not just delicious, but also much better for your skin health but also your heart health. Let’s talk about the 8 delicious foods that are really healthy for your skin and body.

1. Blueberries

Blueberries are superfoods that are well packed with antioxidants. It helps to combat premature aging, boosts collagen production and keeps your skin radiant and firm. Not only is it good for your skin, it can also help keep your hair silky and strong.

2. Goji Berries

Goji berries were used as ancient Chinese medicine in the past to treat eye, liver and kidney ailments. Goji Berries are another tasty superfoods that are also known as wolfberries. These festive red berries have a sweet, slightly sour taste and often come in dried form like raisins. If you have them regularly, it can help to fright the free radicals that cause premature aging and helps to reduce redness or inflammation. The Goji Berries are packed with a lot of nutrients such as vitamin C, Fiber, Iron, Vitamin A, Zinc and Antioxidants.

3. Pitted Red Dates

Pitted Red Dates are a good alternative to eating artificial sweets. They are full of Vitamin C and D, which works to improve skin elasticity. It can help to combat skin issues – try to incorporate them into your diets and see the results in the long run! These dates also come with anti-aging benefits as they prevent the accumulation of melanin in your body, which otherwise has undesirable effects. As hormones play a major role in skin aging and appearance, the Date Palm Kernel extract is also known to have phytohormones and they have great anti-aging effects, and can fight wrinkles too!

4. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a great source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well. They are full of potassium, vitamins A and E and a handful of other key players. These sources of vitamins and minerals are very beneficial for your skin health. The flexibility of pumpkin as an ingredient in various types of dishes prove to be another plus point for this healthy food. It can be eaten in a pumpkin pie, or as a pureed soup. It can even be dehydrated and eaten as a pumpkin chip.

5. Watermelons

The watermelon is not just a sweet and refreshing fruit but it is also 90 percent water, making it a great way to hydrate your body. Higher water content is one of the reasons why fruits and vegetables help you to feel full without a lot of calories. Watermelons are rich in the anti-inflammatory antioxidants lycopene and Vitamin c, and thus may help to lower inflammation and oxidative damage. On top of that, its antioxidant properties help to prevent and slow down signs of ageing.

6. Salmons

Salmon is a really delicious fish that can be found in a variety of cuisines, from Japanese to Korean and even Italian. A versatile fish that is full of omega-3 fatty acids, it is a key component of how skin cells regulate oil production. This helps your skin to appear dewy and plump.  Also, since omega-3-rich salmon is a natural anti-inflammatory food, by regularly consuming this tasty fish, it can also help keep your bones strong.

7. Coconut Water

Keeping our bodies hydrated is essential to everyone. Many of us tend to crave sweet or sugary drinks, but soft drinks can be such an unhealthy option. Instead of grabbing the nearest sugar-laden soft drink, try a refreshing cup of coconut water. It is known to contain a similar electrolyte profile to human blood, making it a great drink to help remove the toxins from your body and also replace the fluids you require. Coconut water also helps one to have a more youthful and supple skin. It contains a good dose of nutrients and supplies more oxygen to the skin by boosting circulation.

8. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds may not have much taste, but the most common way to consume these little seeds are either adding them to puddings, drinks or even your salads. It may not taste like much but they are an amazing source of Omega 3. They are known to keep your hair healthy and even adds a shine while strengthening your hair follicles. Chia seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties, which restore the skin’s moisture and helps to reduce skin redness and prevent acne.


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The Body Firm | 8 Delicious Foods That Are Really Healthy For Your Skin And Body


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