The Body Firm | 6 Tricks To Prevent PMS Cravings From Undermining Your Weight-loss Goals

6 Tricks To Prevent PMS Cravings From Undermining Your Weight-loss Goals

Do you eat a lot more than usual just before your period? Do you yearn after sweet baked products and salty snacks?

In the two to four weeks before their periods, many women suffer severe food cravings, which is a sign of PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Serotonin levels during a woman’s cycle and changing hormone levels, according to scientists, are to blame. A reduction in blood sugar levels brought on by hormonal changes can result in sugar cravings. Serotonin levels, the brain chemical associated with happiness, also frequently drop at this time. Because the body needs carbohydrates to produce serotonin when that happens, we start to crave sugars and especially carbohydrates (like potato chips).

Here are some suggestions to help you prevent your PMS cravings from derailing your plans.

Eat None Of These

To maintain stable blood sugar levels, choose the fewest processed carbs you can. Choosing cooked whole grains and starchy vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, beans, lentils, peas, and winter squash instead of crackers and chips will accomplish this. Bake some sweet potato fries, eat these honey-roasted cinnamon chickpeas to sate your salty-sweet cravings, or have some crispy salted roasted edamame as a snack.

Choose This For Breakfast

In addition to stabilizing blood sugar levels, eating at least 20 grams of protein at your first meal of the day can help you feel fuller for longer. Great high-protein options include vanilla milkshake protein smoothies, plain Greek yogurt with nuts and berries, eggs with half a cup of sautéed potatoes, and eight ounces of soy milk.

Hunger Is Your Enemy

Avoid feeling anything near starving to prevent your wild cravings from causing you to mindlessly binge on food because your willpower is already weakening and strong carb cravings can get even greater if you’re very hungry. To prevent hunger, try to eat a snack or meal every three hours or more.

Your blood sugar levels will remain consistent and your cravings will be reduced with smaller, more frequent meals. Instead of three substantial meals throughout the day, try six smaller ones. Alternately, consume three meals, one somewhat less, and three little snacks.

Coffee & Alcohol

Cutting out your daily cup of caffeine can make you feel even more tense and irritated than consuming too much of it already. The afternoon cup should also be avoided because caffeine might interfere with your sleep, which makes you grouchy and tired and makes you search for sugary pick-me-ups. Alcohol can impair your capacity to say no to overindulging, make you feel depressed, and have similar effects on your ability to sleep.

Beat The Bloat

Bloating from the PMS can decrease your desire to exercise. However, exercise is exactly what you need to improve your mood and lessen the symptoms of PMS, so make an effort to continue your regular workouts. Try a softer kind of exercise, such as long walks, swimming, or yoga, if cramps prevent you from doing that.

Skip the fatty, sugary, and carbohydrate-rich foods that can make you bloated, and take a probiotic to help keep the natural good bacteria in your body in balance, which can also help you feel less puffy.

YOLO with your cravings

Many moments we remind ourselves with the mantra; You Only Live Once (YOLO). However, there are lower-calorie options available to meet your needs and maintain your mood without putting on weight at this time each month. Make this dairy-free cherry chocolate chip ice cream when you have an ice cream hankering. If you’re craving ooey-gooey pizza, try this low-carb version with a cauliflower crust. Do you feel like a candy bar?

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The Body Firm | 6 Tricks To Prevent PMS Cravings From Undermining Your Weight-loss Goals


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