The Body Firm | 6 Tips To Make Your Next Takeout Order Healthier

6 Tips To Make Your Next Takeout Order Healthier

It is understandable that eating is one of our favorite national activities given the abundance of restaurants in Singapore that provide cuisines from all over the world. A survey found that 80% of Singaporeans often order food from outside, with 50% saying they do so more than once per week. Even though there is a vast variety of options accessible with takeaway, they are nonetheless thought to be quite unhealthy.

What if we told you that you could order meals from a restaurant and yet eat well? It is indeed feasible! So how can you choose healthy takeout, which is defined as anything that makes you feel good? To ace your next order, keep reading.

Choosing the right cuisine

Choose a restaurant that specializes in the cuisine that best meets your eating objectives. Select cuisine, like Thai food, that emphasizes a lot of fresh or roasted vegetables so that you may be sure to eat some wholesome, plant-based meals. If Thai cuisine appeals to your palate, some excellent choices are soups that are broth-based and dishes that emphasize greens. It is also recommended to choose Mediterranean cuisines for their focus on fish, fresh ingredients, and variety of cooking techniques. Whatever the case, you’re on the right track after you’ve reduced your options to a few cuisines that focus on wholesome, vegetable-heavy meals.

Pick the right preparation

Choosing the ideal takeout dish for you also involves considering how the food is prepared. Although your body requires fat to keep healthy, fried meals are high in trans fat, a kind of fat that is particularly challenging for your body to digest. According to research, this can eventually lead to conditions including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

The list of food preparation methods is endless and includes sautéing, steaming, grilling, baking, and more. To assist guarantee that whatever you’re getting preserves the most nutrients possible, look for selections that contain these words.

Eat just enough

Since restaurant portions are frequently large, it is advisable to divide your meal in half to start with a sensible amount of food. Sometimes a salad rich with vegetables can be drowned in a dressing that masks the dish’s natural flavours while also including additives that are difficult for your body to handle. Instead, request condiments on the side so you may control how saucy your food is.

Hint: eat until you’re 80% full to prevent overeating by letting your brain catch up to your stomach!

Have a healthy snack

When you’re hungry, you might eat too much or a big piece. Consuming nutritious snacks before supper, such as fruit, almonds, or soup, is one way to avoid this. You won’t be able to overeat as a result. Yogurt is a high-protein, low-calorie food that may make you feel satisfied and prevent overeating.

Avoid sugary beverages

Everyone desires a lovely, sweet beverage to accompany their dinner, but this is not a healthy choice. You can cut back on calories and sugar by replacing sugar-sweetened beverages like colas, ice tea, lemonade, and soda with healthy snacks or water.

Go over the menu in detail

Carefully review the menu before placing your order. Avoid foods with descriptions like “crisp,” “deep-fried,” “in cream sauce,” “lemak,” “with coconut milk,” or “in syrup,” as these tend to be higher in calories and may increase your risk of weight gain and obesity. Lower calorie foods include those that are steamed, grilled, roasted, or pan-fried.

There is no one right choice when it comes to ordering healthy takeaway. You are the expert on what foods make you feel your best because your preferences and body are different from everyone else’s and react to food in different ways.

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The Body Firm | 6 Tips To Make Your Next Takeout Order Healthier


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