The Body Firm | 5 Obvious Signs That You Are Too Stressed - The Importance Of Taking A Break

5 Obvious Signs That You Are Too Stressed – The Importance Of Taking A Break

In Singapore’s fast-paced society, being stressed is part and parcel of our daily lives. We move from one stress to another without even thinking about the detrimental long-term effects it has on our lives.

Stress at a moderate level can be healthy for an average individual, as the stress response is naturally designed to help us react when something potentially life-threatening happens. According to research, a short-term stress response can improve our alertness and memory

However, chronic stress can constrict blood vessels and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Research also shows that your immune system can become compromised from too much stress, which explains some common ailments we face.

If you were to ask the average person about their usual way of relaxing, they would say watching their favorite shows, reading a book or taking a nap. These activities may leave you feeling more rested but they have not really allowed you to relax properly.

True relaxation should be from both mental and muscular relaxation. The best kind of deep relaxation that physicians recommend is those that are necessary for your body to recover from the damaging effects of stress.

To find out if you are too stressed out and are in need of true relaxation, here are 5 obvious indications:

1. Sudden Changes in Appetite

About two-thirds of people eat more under stress, while the rest eat less. The stress hormone glucocorticoid actually stimulates the appetite but also take a few hours to leave the bloodstream. This prompts individuals to overeat when they are stressed.

2. Muscles Are Sore And Tense  

When you’re facing high levels of stress, your muscles respond by involuntarily tensing up. When your body is constantly in “fight-or-flight” mode, it produces excess cortisol, a stress hormone. The stress your body faces can cause your body to feel very tense and thus a need to relieve the tension in your muscles.  

3. Shorter Temperament

As stress is closely related to fear, when we’re afraid that we are at risk, the brain will shift into survival mode. Our fear centres will activate our fight-or-flight mode and cause us to become more aggressive, angry and agitated. When you fall into an edgy emotional state, it can be a clear sign that you’re highly stressed over an imagined threat that does not actually exist.

4. Sudden Acne Outbreak

When some people are feeling stressed out, they tend to touch their faces more often. This can spread bacteria and contribute to the development of acne. In addition, several studies have also confirmed that acne may be associated with higher levels of stress. Also, a higher level of stress could potentially be due to a shift in hormonal levels, increased bacteria, excess oil production and blocked pores. Click here to find out our range of facial treatments for a deep relaxation and a pampering experience.

5. Memory and Concentration Are Suddenly Impaired

Memory and concentration is something that gradually diminishes as we grow older, but there has been some research in the last several decades that have shown that those who experience persistent or high levels of stress are especially vulnerable. On one hand, pressure helps the mind to focus, with mild or moderate stress levels helping you perform well. However, prolonged or periods of stress can have negative effects on memory.

After all the talk about the need for true relaxation and the signs of being overstressed, the next question should be how then do we really relax?

At The Body Firm, you can treat your body and mind to a deeply rejuvenating massage or facial. It is extremely important to care for your body and mind because it can potentially help reduce a myriad of health problems and also improve your productivity at work.

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The Body Firm | 5 Obvious Signs That You Are Too Stressed - The Importance Of Taking A Break


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